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We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Custom Built Cranes, Bus Bar Track Switches, Bus Bar Track Systems, Steel Track, and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India

Suspended Fork Systems

We have supplied many numbers of Suspended Fork System to HCCBPL (Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd) to their PAN India.

The Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd (HCCBPL). is Multi-national and well known brand in the FMCG sector. They are specialized in beverage and FMCG industries. Always demand for innovative, quality and safe products / systems for environment and human being from their suppliers.

HCCBPL was looking for effective handling system at their Wada plant. Because of huge production rate during the pick season, they could not handle the huge lane of trucks due to insufficient no. of the Forklift and the operators. Its impact on their throughputs of that particular plant.

They want an effective and proper solution for their logistics operation which should be reduce manpower and eliminate the crane along with forklift systems to avoid an accidents. We, Impression Systems & Engineers Pvt Ltd had done proper study of all require SOP and inputs and has developed the innovative system that call as 'Suspended Fork System'. This system is integration of EOT crane and forklift. So, both has been eliminated from their existing plant. Which save the manpower, handling pallets easily, avoid damage, improve process efficiency and reduce logistic operations time, it also safe for the workers' health & the environment.

This is not compatible with all kind of trucks. This system is suitable for open ended trucks or vehicles only. For closed container and vehicle, we have developed another solutions like Auto-Loading Dock system.

  Custom Built Cranes Technical Specification :

Type - Gantry Type Double Girder Lifting System
a. Lift/ Lower : Hydraulic
b. Cross Travel Forward/ Reverse : Motorised
c. Long Travel Forward/ Reverse : Motorised
d. Tilt Forward/ Reverse : Hydraulic
e. Fork Out / In : Hydraulic
• Lift : Hydraulic
• Safe Working Load : 1T(Min) - 5T (Max)
• Span of Girder : -
• Clear height in front : -
• Height of Lift : -
• Guiding System : Guide Rollers
• Traveling Length : -
• Long Travel Speed : -
• Guide Mechanism : Guide Rollers
• Brake for Long Travel : Electromagnetic Brake
• Cross Travel Speed : -
• Cross Travel Mechanism : Rack & Pinion
• Trolley Motor : -
• Runway Rail : -
• Power supply : Festoon System
• Brake for Trolley : Electromagnetic Brake
• Control : Pendant
• Main Power : AC 415V
• Environment : Outdoor
• System will lift Pallets which will be placed on the Truck floor. It will also lift pallets from the Ground.

a. Fully Guided System
b. Over travel Limit switches for Cross and Long Travel
c. Sirens and Lamps to indicate that the system is in motion.
d. Platform across whole Gantry with hand railing and Toe Guard.
e. Monkey ladders with Safety Cage on Pillars for easy access to system.
All types of Safety Interlocks will be provided in the system.

  Bus Bar Track Switch & Bus Bar Track Systems

Easy to install integrated conductor line for multi-electric drive
No obstackles by carring electric cable
Good appearance and arrangement by inner bus bar type
Fast and simple installation and conversion without extra electric operation
Virtually maintenance free system
Bus Bar Track Switch Systems

• Non driving rail system for less cost and maintenance free for major components including trolley
• Trolley is totally protected by steel formed track
• Easy for expansion and modification of existing Line
• Comfortable and easy for operation and noise free during travelling
• Offering flexibility against building obstruction
• Simple, fast and safe installation than conventional welding construction
• Standard fittings save cost, easy and fast dismantle for relocation, reusable all parts
• Ranges of product 50-2,000Kg depending on configuration. curved Track is another attractive advantage
• Suitable for building power supply air system and transportation of various tools for assembly line application.

  Steel Track

custom built systems steel track